Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lamego Sanctuary - Portugal

This is a portuguese card but it was sent from Finland. Lamego was one of the places Heidi "dollart" visited a few weeks ago, before the International Postcrossing Meeting in Lisbon.
The card was sent during a meeting in Jyväskylä last weekend.

 © Objecto Anónimo, Lda
The monumental baroque - rococo Sanctuary of Our Lady of Remedies is famous for its marvelous granite staircase, with 686 steps, decorated with tiles, allegorical fountains, small chapels, and statues that leads to a baroque church with views over the town.
The construction began in the late eighteenth century and continued until the early years of the twentieth century.
There's an annual pilgrimage to the site on September 8th as part of a festival that starts at the end of August consisting of torchlight processions, a fair, concerts, and dancing.

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