Friday, June 22, 2012

US-1702603 & US-1708952

In the next few days i've of lots of time to make updates. Yesterday i hurt my left food, a sprain, and i've to stay home for a few days. I can't go out and go shopping and sending postcards but i can receive them and make updates.

 Photo by Bill Daniels
 US-1702603, sent by Carol.
Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument is the slightly tautological name given to an area northeast of Flagstaff containing the results of much igneous activity - several colorful cinder cones formed by extinct volcanoes, and large expanses of lava and ash, mostly unobscured by vegetation and still pure black in color. The dominant peak is Sunset Crater; as with the other cones its slopes have distinctive dusky red-brown patches formed by oxidised iron and sulphur, which caused John Wesley Powell, who was the first modern-day explorer of the area in 1887, to name the mountain 'Sunset Peak'. The contrasting colors of the cinders provide the most unusual aspect of the national monument but the jagged and twisted lava fields are also quite spectacular. Sunset and the neighboring craters are just one small part of the San Francisco volcanic field, an extensive region of nearly 2,000 square miles that contains some 600 identified volcanoes. - in:
 Photo by Gail Atkinson
US-1708952, sent by Bekah.
This is one  of the winning pictures in a local photo contest in Wheeling, West Virginia.

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