Friday, June 29, 2012

RU-973163, RU-979952 & ES-167275

Two russian and one spanish officials cards but all the card are from Russia and the last two were both sent by forum members.

 RU-973163, sent by Maria.
This is a painting of the Alexander Nevsky Chapel in Krasnodar by Konstantin Pechurichko.

 RU-979952, sent by Anasty.
I've traded before with Anastasia, mostly Unesco cards. This time she sent me this lovely bridge located in the Tsaritsyno Park in Moscow.
The estate is known from the late 16th century, when it belonged to Tsarina Irina, sister of Tsar Boris Godunov. At that time it was called Bogorodskoye. In 1775, when the estate was bought by empress Catherine the Great, it received its present name, which means “Tsarina’s”.
The 18th-century architecture ensemble was built (though not finished) following the order of Catherine II in pseudo-Gothic style, after projects of the Bazhenov and Kazakov, and it is the only 18th-century architectural ensemble of such dimensions in Russia.
Around the palace, in the park there are a number of pavilions, pergolas, arbours, artificial grottos, decorative bridges (early 19th century, architect I. Yegotov), and a Russian Orthodox temple “Source of Life”, as well as a modern recreation center with an upscale restaurant. - in: wikipedia

ES-167275, sent by Anna.
Anna is known in the forum as "bogdanovskaya" and i've also traded with a few time. She sent me my 1st St. Petersburg cards. I've many from there but none with the St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral.
St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral is a large Orthodox church in the style of the Elizabeth Baroque, located in Saint Petersburg.
The Cathedral was built in 1753–1762 by architect Savva Chevakinsky as a marine regimental church on the sea regimental court in place of a earlier wooden church. Freestanding four story bell tower with a tall gilded spire was built in in 1755–1758.
St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral consists of two separate churches. The lower Saint Nicholas Church is located on the first floor, while the upper Epiphany Church is on the second floor. The altar of the upper church was consecrated in the presence of the Empress Catherine II, who told the newly built church to be called a cathedral. The main shrine of the cathedral—a Greek icon of St. Nicholas made in the XVII century with a portion of his relics—is located in the lower church. - in: wikipedia

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