Tuesday, June 5, 2012

NL-1191820 & NL-1216222 & NL-1237781

Three officials from the Netherlands.

 Van Leers
 NL-1191820, sent by Roelof.
The lighthouse on the card is the Ameland lighthouse, located in Hollum, most populated village on the Ameland island.
Ameland’s lighthouse was built in 1880 to a height of 55 meters, and served our county well for over 125 years. In 2005 the coastguard stopped using the lighthouse as modern technology took over its function.
After the coastguard abandoned their use of the lighthouse, they handed it to the Foundation Ameland Museums, which opened the lighthouse to the general public. They did a swell job converting it to a museum.
Before you reach the top floor and its gorgeous views, you first pass several floors with exhibitions on marine life, history of the tower, other lighthouses in The Netherlands and so on.
Nowadays, the lighthouse is an enlisted monument, though it still shines nightly and brightly. Its signal is a triple beam every 15 seconds. - in: http://www.travbuddy.com/Lighthouse-Ameland-v479934

 NL-1216222, sent by Syoss.
A vistaprint card showing the St. Nicholas Church in the Old Centre district of Amsterdam. It is the city's major Catholic church.
The church was constructed in the late 19th century  based on a combination of several revival styles of which Neo-Baroque and neo-Renaissance are the most prominent models.

NL-1237781, sent by Yvonne.
De Biesbosch is one of the largest national parks of the Netherlands and one of the last freshwater tide areas in Europe. The Biesbosch consists of a rather large network of rivers and smaller and larger creeks with islands. The vegetation is mostly willow forests, although wet grasslands and fields of reed are common as well. The Biesbosch is an important wetland area for waterfowl and has a rich flora and fauna. It is especially important for migrating geese. - in: wikipedia

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