Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lisbon International Postcrossing Meeting

Two weeks ago i was in Lisbon having lots of fun with a great group of postcrossers. Like in every international meetings, it was wonferful to meet some old friends and meet new ones.

  © Edição Vistal
I've sent this card to myself and i realized a few days ago that i forgot to sign my own card :o
The postcrossers at the meeting were, from Portugal: pilotOne, geminiscp, leugim, joaninha, aninalsfriend, Ana, Paulo, maique, rita_simões, blicas blocas, ninocas & dudu, nadering and her friend Carolina, now a postcrosser.  From Netherlands: Tjitske, Astrid1978, Telenn, Jetske and for a few minutes, also Moonwell. From Belgium Lotty; from Switzerland Masito; from Spain dardo; Anjaaustel from Germany; fisherman from Ireland and dollart and kilona from Finland.

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