Monday, October 27, 2014

Atlantic Forest in Paraná - Brazil

If you like to travel by train, in the Brazilian state of Paraná you can take one of the most  exciting train tours in the world across the Serra do Mar, one of the best-preserved Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest areas. 
Along the 110 kilometres of rail, the train traverses 14 tunnels, 30 bridges, and several mountains and viaducts.  Another unforgettable sight is a 70-metre waterfall called Véu da Noiva, which means ‘bride’s veil.’ - in:
On the right side of this card sent by Luzia, there's and arrow pointing to one of this railway tunnels and on the left side there's a picture of the Véu da Noiva waterfall. 

Fotos: Carlos Renato Fernandes; Denis (?) Ferreira Netto
The Atlantic Forests (Southeast) contain the best and largest remaining examples of Atlantic forest in the southeast region of Brazil. The 25 protected areas that make up the site display the biological richness and evolutionary history of the few remaining areas of Atlantic forest of southeast Brazil. The area is also exceptionally diverse with high numbers of rare and endemic species. With its “mountains to the sea” attitudinal gradient, its estuary, wild rivers, karst and numerous waterfalls, the site also has exceptional scenic values. - in:

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