Tuesday, October 28, 2014


When I 1st saw this card I thought that building was a church!! No, no, that's not a church and not church related. This is one of the many horse farms in Kentucky, the Horse Country. I really like the autumn colors. 

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US-2978273, sent by Shel.
Maybe nothing defines the culture of Kentucky better than the state's obsession with horses. One visit to Kentucky's Horse Country, and the thoroughbred affection is apparent in everything from the fields of grazing horses and racetracks to Kentucky horse farms & tours. Central Kentucky is home to more than 450 working thoroughbred horse farms.  These farms cover miles of beautiful rolling hills of the heart of our Bluegrass Region.
 It is also the undisputed international centre of Thoroughbred horse breeding. Horses live better here than most aristocracy, in cupola-topped barns and handsome stables with hand-forged gates, stained-glass windows and impeccable housekeeping.

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