Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Varnsdorf - Czech Republic

This building looks a bit like a castle but actually it is an observation tower and a restaurant in Varnsdorf. 
Varnsdorf is a town also in the Ústí nad Labem Region. 

Foto: Miroslav Dobes * Design Ateliér Stejkal
The dominant feature of the town is Hrádek, which soars on a clinkstone border hill and is 467 metres tall. It was built by members of the Mountain Society for Northernmost Bohemia in 1904. Major personalities, craftsmen and inhabitants of the town and of the surrounding areas contributed with their gifts to the construction of a 29-metre tall watchtower and a restaurant on Hrádek. Prince Liechtenstein donated 50 thousand Crowns, which represented almost half of the costs.
 The watchtower was opened after major reconstruction in 2003. After many years it again provides a circular view of Varnsdorf and of the German town of Seifhennersdorf with the Lusatian Mountains in the background, of the Zittauer Basin, and of the Elbe Sandstones in the west; and when the weather is clear, it is also possible to see the Jizera Mountains and the Giant Mountains. 
Hrádek has been declared a cultural heritage site and has again become a tourist destination. Moreover, it was the winner of the national competition for the Facade of the Year in 2006. In its interior you can find a permanent exposition of maps, photographs and other exhibits relating to Hrádek and its surroundings. - in: http://www.kr-ustecky.cz/en/vismo/dokumenty2.asp?id_org=450021&id=1146

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