Sunday, October 12, 2014


For a UNESCO card collector, getting a card from a new site is always a great moment and its even better when the card is totally unexpected. That's what happened with this one of one of a Struve Geodetic Arc triangulation point in Belarus. This was the last site I was still missing from Belarus and it made super happy to get it. 

© Yuri Podverbny
BY-1352192, sent by Pavel.
Tupishki control point, which opened in the Oshmyany District at the end of 2007, is one of 265 points on the famous Struve Arc, created in the 19th century, determining the parameters of the Earth, its shape and size. Of the 31 points in Belarus, five are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, including Oshmyany Tupishki. - in:

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