Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bratislava Castle - Slovakia

Bratislava, Slovakia's capital city is only 130 kms from Brno, that's about 1 hour and 45 minutes by bus. Beeing this close, we didn't miss the opportunity to visit another country. Someone told us not to go, that the city wasn't that interresting but we wanted to go any way and I really liked it. 
This card was also sent by me. I only have a few cards from Slovakia and only by second from Bratislava. 

Bratislava castle is a historic dominant of Bratislava. It towers over the river Danube, on a castle rock in the height of 85 metres. Bratislava castle stands in the place of an old Slavic hill-fort from the 9th century and its first written record, under the name Pressalauspruch falls back to the year 907. From the times of Great Moravian empire, the bases of threenaved basilica were maintained in its grounds. Today’s architecture of Bratislava castle has a regular quadrangular ground-plan and carries characteristics of Renaissance and early Baroque. Even the empress Marie Therese had taken care of one of the most important building reforms. Bratislava castle burnt down in 1811. His reconstruction started in the middle of 20th century and it was accessed for public in 1968.  in:

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