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Hoge Veluwe National Park - Netherlands

Hoge Veluwe National Park is a national park in the Gelderland province of the Netherlands. With its 55 km² it is one of the largest national parks of the country, and a popular short stay tourist destination for the Dutch. 

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The Veluwe is famous for its diversity in natural landscapes and partly rolling landscapes. Although most of the land is flat, it has subtle variations in small areas, with the highest point at 110 meters. It's a forest-rich area, but there are large heaths, streams and small lakes as well. In the desert patches you'll find sand drifts that are among the largest ones in Europe.

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The park is mostly covered by pristine vegetation, most of which consists of various conifers, shrub and grassland with a large variation of flowers. A good number of rare plants are found here as well as (introduced) exotic plants like American Oaks. When it comes to wildlife, the broad variety of larger mammals is most well-known.

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Commonly sighted are deer, roes, moeflons and wild boar. However, bird wildlife is also very divers and the park is home to lot of rabbits, foxes, badgers and other small mammals.
In order to maintain naturally sustainable population in this fenced environment, controlled annual hunt is a normal practice. - in:

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