Thursday, February 15, 2018

Meeting in Entroncamento - Portugal

It's not easy for me to go to postcrossing meetings because I work on weekends but last month I made it to the meeting in Entroncamento. The idea of this meeting was to visit the National Railway Museum, which has its headquarters and main base in Entroncamento. This city is a major hub of the Portuguese rail network and the location of railway workshops. The museum is a postcrossing member
For the 1st time in a meeting, most of the participants were newbies, this was their 1st meeting ever. 

Museu Nacional Ferroviário / Doação Varela Pécurto
As in every meeting, we sent some cards. This one was sent by Vanesa who was in the meeting.

Carlos Pinto
This one was sent by me. It shows the historical train with the E214 locomotive in Carrazedo. This old locomotive, built in 1923, was the last of the steam engines to leave the railroad in Portugal and is considered a rarity because it is articulated and, at the time, it was the most powerful in the Corgo metric line.

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