Sunday, February 4, 2018


It already happened twice to get Armenian cards sent as officials from Russia. I definitely don't mind and in both cases the cards were great. 

Beautiful view of Khor Virap Monastery with Mount Ararat in background.

RU-6165577, sent by Anastasia. 
The Khor Virap (meaning «deep dungeon») monastery is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Armenia. It stands before the snowcapped flanks of Mount Ararat offering a spectacular view of the mountain, the national symbol of Armenia.
It is where Grigor Luisavorich (St. Gregory the Illuminator) was imprisoned for 13 years before curing King Trdat III of a disease. This caused the conversion of the king and Armenia into the first officially Christian nation in the world in the year 301. To this day you can visit the underground chamber he was imprisoned, located in the nondescript St. Gevorg Chapel apart from the main church. - in:

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