Thursday, February 8, 2018

San Pedro de la Roca Castle - Cuba

Two cards of the San Pedro de la Roca Castle in Santiago de Cuba. The 1st was sent by Zé Pombal and I forgot who sent the other one.
This 17th-century fortress, situated on a rocky promontory at the coast of Santiago city, is the best-preserved monument of Spanish-American military architecture.
Giovan Battista Antonelli, a member of a Milanese family of military engineers, designed it in 1637, inspired by Italian and Renaissance design principles.
It was primarily established to guard against commercial and political rivals in the Caribbean region, European colonies, and raiding pirates. It features a strong defensive series of forts, barricades, citadels, armories, and batteries.

Photo by A. Cavalli
Due to sporadic construction work, completion of the citadel took nearly 42 years. Despite many overseas attacks and natural disasters like earthquakes, this massive historical complex of fortifications still stands.
The castle went through a massive restoration project in the 1960’s. Today it is one of the best preserved castles in the America’s, as well as the best example of a renaissance fortress. Since 1997, it is a World UNESCO heritage site too. - in:

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