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Kompirasan, formally known as Kotohira-gu, is the main shrine of multiple Kompira shrines found around Japan that are dedicated to sailors and seafaring. Located on the wooded slope of Mount Zozu in Kotohira, the approach to Kompirasan is an arduous series of 1,368 stone steps. 
At around 365 steps, you will see the Omon Gate.

JP-1057972, sent by Sihori.
Over many centuries, Kompirasan had been revered as a mixture between Shinto shrine and Buddhist temple, until it was officially declared a shrine in the beginning of the Meiji Period during government efforts to separate the two religions. Nevertheless, the former symbiosis is still visible in Kompirasan's architecture which displays both Shinto and Buddhist elements.
Despite being among the more challenging shrine approaches in Japan, Kompirasan is a highly popular site visited by pilgrims from across the country. - in:

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