Friday, February 16, 2018

Ourense's Roman Bridge - Spain

Another postcard from Vanesa. She started to send offcial cards again and to celebrate, she opened a lottery. I was the lucky winner and got this card with the Roman Bridge in Ourense. 

Together with the Burgas, thermal springs and the Cathedral, the Roman Bridge is one of the three symbols of the city of Ourense.

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The Roman Bridge of Ourense on the River Minho, was built in the first century A.D. 
According to tradition, it dates from the time of Trajan, however, its constructive characteristics are close to the time of Augustus.
During the twelfth century the main arch of the bridge gave way to a series of interminable repairs that only ended in the seventeenth century when the final reform gave the bridge its present medieval appearance while retaining its original Roman elements.
Of the original 11 arches, only 7 are left.
At present the bridge measures 370 meters long, with a central arch of 43 meters wide by 39 meters high, classified as the largest of the Roman Empire.

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