Friday, August 26, 2011


This australian official card would be very useful if i ever travel to Australia. As Linda says, australians are well know for their use of slang and nicknames. Learn some of them.

AU-149657, sent by Linda.

Amber fluid - beer; Fair dinkum - true, genuine; Strewth - exclamation, mild oath ("Strewth, that Chris is a bonzer bloke"); No worries! - Expression of forgiveness or reassurance (No problem; forget about it; I can do it; Yes, I'll do it); Yobbo - an uncouth person; Flat out like a lizard drinking - flat out, busy; Barbie - barbecue (noun); Bloke - man, guy; Fair crack of the whip! - A request directed to others to display an honest understanding, dealing or arrangement; Footy - Australian Rules football; Dinky-di - the real thing, absolutely 100% genuine; Bingle - motor vehicle accident; Tinnie - can of beer..... and many other!

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aj.posts said...

If there is any accent I love , it is the australian accent! Cute card!