Saturday, August 27, 2011

Czech castles

These 3, also sent by Emerich, are even greater. The castles are really beautiful and those characters are so funny.

Lipnice nad Sázavou Castle was founded at the beginning of the 14th century by the Ronovci family and the most significant member of this noble family, Jindřich of Lipá, was also one of its owners. The history of the castle was influenced by renovations by the Trček family from Lípa and especially by a fire in the 19th century. Today the castle is opened to the public again; people can see monumental castle architecture, a gothic chapel and cellars with the former feast hall of Jindřich of Lipá. Many legends and mysteries are connected with this castle. - in:

Loket Castle is a 12th-century Gothic style castle located on a massive rock in the town of Loket, Karlovarský kraj, Czech Republic. Once known as "the Impregnable Castle of Bohemia", because of its thick walls, it is one of the oldest and most valuable historical stone castles in the Czech lands. It is administered by the Loket Castle Foundation since 1993 and preserved today as a museum and national monument.
The town centre and castle were both used as locations in the film Casino Royale as the town in Montenegro where Bond meets his contact René Mathis. - in: wikipedia

Český Šternberk Castle is a Bohemian castle of the mid 13th century, located within the village with the same name of the Central Bohemian Region in Czech Republic. It is an early Gothic castle which was constructed, named and still owned by members of the same family. Český Šternberk Castle is today a residence that bears a long historical and architectural heritage and represents an attractive tourist destination open to the public. It is considered one of the best preserved Gothic Bohemian castles. - in: wikipedia

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