Thursday, August 18, 2011

Valencia - Spain

Ana "anagahan" was also travelling these last days, she went to Spain.
I always feel like travelling to Spain and that may happen in a few weeks but that's not sure yet.
Anyway, Ana sent my this Valencia card, which shows the city's skyline, the bull fight arena and the North Station.

Valencia is the most populous city of the Autonomous Community of Valencia and the third largest city in Spain.

There are few cities like Valencia, able to harmoniously combine the remnants of its farthest past, dating to the year 138 BC, with the most innovative and avant-garde buildings from the new millennium.

Valencia is trade and culture, cinema, theatre, museums, magic, business. It is the centre of international and avant-garde design, and one of the most active cities in Europe regarding fairs and conferences.

Thanks to its location, Valencia has historically been Spain’s Mediterranean port and has that special charm of cities that are also seaports. And the fine sand and clean water, the vastness of the sea and the closeness of the coastal mountains make the Valencian coast uniquely attractive. - in:

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