Friday, August 12, 2011

Meetings with Karina

Karina aka kazinhabueno, is a postcrosser from Brazil and we, some portuguese addicted postcrossers, met her last week.

Last friday, Karina and her husband had a guided tour around Lisbon with Graça "gracinha". She guided them throught some of the most emblematic landmarks of the city. I guess it was a nice way to see the city, as it was their 1st time there. Postcrossers are great touristic guides.

Graça sent me this card.

Later that day they went to a fado restaurant to have dinner, hear fado and meet other postcrossers. They met José "pilotOne", Carole "cloable", Rita "rita_simões", Helena "leninha", Luís "ludovico" and Joana "joaninha".

They signed cards again and this one was sent by José.

I met them next day, saturday, in Sintra. It's always great to visit Sintra but this time the weather wasn't that great. Even with lots of fog we visited the Pena Palace. Visiting the Montserrat Palace (on the card) was also an option but i didn't have time to go there as i had a train to catch back to my city.
That day it was Karina and her husband, me, Susana "susanaportugal", Joana "joaninha", Ana "ninocas" and family, Rita "rita_simões" and her boyfriend, Vitória - who sent me this card - and her husband and José "pilotOne".

For me the day ended next to this building, the Town Hall. It was great to meet Karina and meet again my portuguese friends.
New meetings will probably happen in the next weeks.

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