Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jelling Stones - Denmark

I've also completed Denmark, that means i've the 4 danish Unesco sites. This card with the Runestone of Harald Bluetooth, the larger of the two Jelling stones. The card was sent by Steffi "Eeyore1974".

The Jelling Stones are enormous carved stones in Denmark. They are a Unesco WHS since 1994. The two stones are carved with runes. The Jelling Stones date back to the 10th century, and are located in the town of Jelling, in a churchyard. The first of the stones was raised by King Gorm the Old, and the second was raised by his son, Harald Bluetooth in memory of his parents, celebrating his conquest of Denmark and Norway, and his conversion of the Danes to Christianity. The runic inscriptions on these stones are considered the most well known in Denmark.

The inscription on the Runestone of Harald Bluetooth reads: "King Haraldr ordered this monument made in memory of Gormr, his father, and in memory of Thyrvé, his mother; that Haraldr who won for himself all of Denmark and Norway and made the Danes Christian."
The stone has a figure of Jesus Christ on one side and on another side a serpent wrapped around a lion. Christ is depicted as standing in the shape of a cross and entangled in what appear to be branches. One scholar has suggested that this imagry was used to suggest that Christ had replaced the Norse pagan god Odin, who in one myth hung for nine nights in the tree Yggdrasill. - in: wikipedia

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