Monday, August 22, 2011

St. Petersburg cards

I can get enough of St. Petersburg cards. When Dasha "devana" propused me a trade, i had to say yes because she had great cards to offer.

Tsarskoye Selo is a former Russian residence of the imperial family and visiting nobility, located 24 kilometres (15 mi) south from the center of St. Petersburg. It is now part of the town of Pushkin and of the World Heritage Site Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments.

On the card there's the Alexander Park with the Arsenal, a Neo-Gothic castle-like building built between 1819-1834.
The central element of the building was the “Knights’ Hall” located on the second storey. It contained the finest part of the collection of arms and armour that belonged to Emperor Nicholas I. In 1883, on the instructions of Alexander III, this unique collection was transferred to the Imperial Hermitage, where some of it is now on display in the Knights’ Hall.

The Arsenal suffered considerable damage during the Second World War. At the present time a project has been drawn up for the revival of the building. After the restoration there are plans to use the Arsenal to display the surviving part of Nicholas I’s collection of arms and armour in collaboration with the State Hermitage. - in:

Ionnovskii Monastyr' (Convent of St. John) was established to mark the death of pious Father John of Kronshtadt, in his time (the latter part of the nineteenth century) one of the most honored holy men in Russia. He is buried in a tomb located in the lower floor. The convent complex is Byzantine in style. Sanctified in 1901, the convent's activities were curtailed by the anti-religious activity of the Bolsheviks. The building itself survived however, and the convent is now under the special patronage of the Patriarch (Orthodox church leader). - in:

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