Tuesday, August 2, 2011


After a beach i've a lighthouse! I've been receiving a lot of lighthouse cards from Netherlands and this one is really nice. It's the Breskens Lighthouse, also known as Nieuwesluis light.

NL-710444, sent by Marco.

The lighthouse was designed by the dutch lighthouse archtect Q. Harder. He was responsable for a number of other Dutch lighthouses. The building started in 1866 and was finished a year later in 1867. Breskens is the oldest remaining cast-iron lighthouse in the Netherlands after the lighthouse of Renesse which was build in 1856 was broken down in 1915. During te Second World War the Breskens lighthouse was out of operation. After the War is came in operation again with a light in a red and green sector. Before the lighthouse was painted with black white stripes as it is today, it was yellow and later on it had red and white stripes. During the Second World War it was even painted in camouflage colours. - in: http://www.woonwebsite.nl/ideepagina/ideeen_popup.php?id=406

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