Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bulgaria + Portugal

Today i've received 2 cards. 1 official from Bulgaria and 1 trade from Portugal.

BG-2239. My 1st official card from Bulgaria. It was sent by Ani and it shows the Old City of Nassebar, an Unesco World Heritage Site. Ani says Nassebar is called "the city of the 100 churches", but there aren't more than 40 nowadays.
PS - there's more informations about Nassebar in an older post.

One more card sent by Ana "ninocas" and this one shows the Seteais Palace in Sintra.
"The Seteais Palace is a neoclassical palace located in Sintra. The palace is nowadays a luxury hotel, restaurant and a tourist attraction included in the Cultural Landscape of Sintra, listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
The Seteais Palace was built between 1783 and 1787 for the Dutch consul Daniel Gildemeester. After changing hands several times, the palace was acquired by the Portuguese government in 1946. The Seteais Palace has been used as a luxury hotel since 1954 but its original characteristics have been preserved." - in:

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