Saturday, October 4, 2008

How do you store your cards??

This is how i store my precious cards.

For the normal size cards i've these albuns and these plastic sheets with pockets. Each one of them has 8 pockets. I've 2 of these albuns for the portuguese cards and 2 for the foreign cards but soon i'll need more. I separate the portuguese cards by districts and the foreign ones by countries.

For the bigger cards i've some photo albuns. These albuns are great to keep them in good conditions but i can't separate them as i wish.

A few days ago i've started to try a new method for the big cards. I used a bit of stationary tape to glue the cards into a piece of paper and then just put them in a normal plastic sheet. This way i can put them in the album for the normal size cards and separate them by districts or countries.

Finally, this is my beautiful card box where i keep them when i don't have plastic sheets or photo albuns. Right now i need to buy more plastic sheets.


Gone with postcrads said...

maybe i also need a album~~

Isa said...

You can also use photo corners for the big cards, then you don't need any glue. ;-)