Friday, October 31, 2008

Wroclaw - Poland

What a nice day today. I'm really, really happy today because my best friend is back after 6 months working in Germany. She'll leave again, this time to Switzerland but we still have a month to catch up :) As my best friend off course she knows my addiction for cards and she brought me 14 cards from Germany and 4 from Switzerland...

I'm so happy that i had to share this with you but let's talk about my received card of the day. It's from Poland, a new unesco whs and it was sent by Ksenia "orange_dreamer". This card is just perfect from someone who likes photography, the picture is so great. Thanks Ksenia for such a great card.

This is the Centennial Hall in Wroclaw.
"The Centennial Hall, a landmark in the history of reinforced concrete architecture, was erected in 1911-1913 by the architect Max Berg as a multi-purpose recreational building, situated in the Exhibition Grounds. In form it is a symmetrical quatrefoil with a vast circular central space that can seat some 6,000 persons. The 23m-high dome is topped with a lantern in steel and glass. The Centennial Hall is a pioneering work of modern engineering and architecture, which exhibits an important interchange of influences in the early 20th century, becoming a key reference in the later development of reinforced concrete structures." - in:

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Gone with postcrads said...

Beautiful! But it seems not so Polish?~~