Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pictures vs postcards IV

Today like yesterday there weren't any cards in my mailbox. I wanted to post something but i didn't know which cards to show, that's why i've deciced for a new pictures vs postcards post, the 4th one.
This time all show cards and pictures from Porto, one of my favorite portuguese cities.

This is a card from Porto but it shows 2 cities, Porto on the right side of the river and Vila Nova de Gaia on the left side. The river is the Douro river, one of the major rivers of the Iberian Peninsula. River Douro rises in Spain and flows more or less east - west across northern Portugal reaching the sea at Porto.

I wish this picture wasn't so dark, but the day was kind of dark too.

This card was published by the portuguese postal service. They published a few collections according to the portuguese regions and i've 3 of that collections. Here we can see Ribeira quarter. Ribeira spreads alongside the Douro river and used to be a centre of intense commercial and manufacturing activity since the Middle Ages. The narrow and winding streets, dark arcades, typical houses with colourful façades and animated night life, are some of the reasons why Ribeira is one of favorite spot for tourists in Porto.

I took both of these pictures 2 years ago. I was visiting a friend in another city and we deciced to go to Porto. It was a wonderful day and i took dozens of pictures and bought a lot of cards. In the next pictures vs cards will show more images from Porto.

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