Friday, October 3, 2008

Pictures vs Postcards II

This is the second round of pictures vs postcards. The 1st was dedicated to castles, this is dedicated to city halls.

This is the City Hall of Vila Real. Vila Real is a town, seat of the district of Vila Real, in the north of the country.I can't find any information about the building. On the right side there's a pillory from 1515.

I took this picture 2 weeks ago. This was the 3rd time i've visited the city. The 1st time i went there was on Princess Diana's funeral day.
As you can see, the pillory isn't there. They've changed it to a different place.

This is the City Hall of Mirandela, also in the north of the country, located in the district of Bragança. The building is a palace from the 17th century.
A picture also taken 2 weeks ago. Usually i take the picture and later i found out a similar card, but on this case i've bought the card 1st and wanted to take a picture like the card. This was the best i could do.

1 comment:

Ana said...


the picture of the city hall in Vila Real looks different on your photo compared to the postcard (apart from the pillory being removed) looks fresher on your photo...on the postcard it looks more as an old deserted place

regarding the Mirandela city hall...youve done a great job...
I like the overall tone of colours on your pictures...the colour of the sky invokes some special feelings in particular...some lust and nostalgia mixed together :)