Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bari Castle - Italy

Back to the touchnote cards, now i've a card from Bari, Italy, sent by Joaninha. She visited Bari last May went she went on a cruise on the Mediterranean.
She knows i like castles so she sent me this card of the Castello Svevo, using one of the pictures she took.

Photo by Joana Santos
The Castello Svevo (Swabian Castle) is a castle in the Apulian city of Bari. Built around 1132 by Norman King Roger II, it is currently used for exhibitions.
Probably built in 1132 by Norman King Roger II, it was destroyed in 1156 by king William I of Sicily and rebuilt and reinforced in 1233 by the Holy Roman emperor Fredrick II. During the Angevin domination, it went through several transformation, and after being acquired by Duke Ferdinand of Aragon, was donated to the Sforza family and passed to Bona Sforza, Queen of Poland. After Bona's death, it was returned under the King of Naples and transformed into a prison and barracks.
The castle is surrounded by a moat on all sides, except the northern section, which was bordering the sea and can be accessed from the bridge and the gate on the southern side. It is mainly composed of the Aragon walls and the main Swabian tower, and is currently used for exhibitions. - in: wikipedia

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