Monday, September 24, 2012

Fertö/Neusiedlersee Cultural Landscape

Thanks to Natalie "roverandom" i've got these cards from the joint Unesco site between Austria and Hungary, Fertö/Neusiedlersee Cultural Landscape.

Lake Neusiedl, also known as Neusiedlersee in German or Fertö in Hungary, is the second biggest steppe lake in central Europe. It covers an area of 315 square kilometers, of which 240 square kilometers are located in Austria while the remaining 75 square kilometers are in Hungary.

Photos by Pellinger Attila
 Fertö/Neusiedler Lake was inscribed as a World Heritage Site in 2001. This is because the site is an outstanding example of a traditional human settlement and land use representative of a culture. The site has seen human habitation that goes back to the Neolithic period. It was densely populated as early as the 7th century BC. In 454 AD the King of the Ostrogoths, Theodoric the Great, was born near Neusiedler Lake.

© Verlag Fasch
Lake Neusiedl is an important wildlife sanctuary for migratory birds. It has also become increasing popular as a sports recreation destination offering sailing and windsurfing. This attracts visitors in nearby Austria and Hungary. There is an annual freestyle swimming competition held at the lake where participants swim from Mörbisch to Illmitz. - in:

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