Thursday, September 6, 2012

My castles cards by TN

In my travels i always try to visit castles and in Portugal we have many. These are Mogadouro, Vinhais, Arnóia and Marialva castles.

Photo by Marta Cairrão
Built in 1160, in the former place of an important ancient village, Mogadouro Castle integrated the first defense line of castles that protected Portugal Northeast region. Soon after its construction, King D. Dinis donated this castle to the Templar Order and only a few years later, it would become property of the Order of Christ. It suffered several renewals in the 14th century. In the 17th century, the clock tower was constructed. Several years later, it would be severely damaged by a particularly harsh Winter. In the present day, Mogadouro Castle preserves its keep and a rectangular battlement in the highest part of the castle. - in:

Photo by Marta Cairrão
I've only stoped in Vinhais for a few minutes to take 2 pictures.
The fortress was probably built in the 13th century, despite the widening works that were carried out along the wall perimeter around the castle. Several improvement works followed under the ruling of D. Dinis, D. Fernando, D. João I and D. Manuel I. Vinhais castle increasingly gained a huge military importance, thanks to its strategic geographical position. The military Roman path converged here, from Braga (through Chaves), heading to Astorga through Bragança. You can still see vestiges of fort hills. The most important one is the citadel’s peak. The existing castle was demolished in 18th century, so that a church could be built in its place. However, the oval wall still preserves some of its curtains and part of a tower. - in:

Photo by Marta Cairrão
Some time ago Vitória sent me a card from Celorico de Basto showing a garden in the city and this castle. But i wanted a card only with the castle and made this one.
Arnóia Castle is situated at the top of an edgy rock, near Celorico de Basto. The castle has a square-shaped keep and a polygonal wall. Its origins are prior to the country foundation (1143), so that it underwent remodelling works in the 11th century. - in:

 Photo by Marta Cairrão
Remember the Historical Villages i mentioned a few posts ago? Here it is another card from one of those villages, Marialva.
This castle is from the 12th century.  Only a world of deserted ruins has remained from the ancient splendour of Marialva Castle, surrounded by very beautiful walls. Nowadays you can still see a long granite wall, the pillory, the keep, the citadel and the cistern. - in:

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