Thursday, September 20, 2012

Belgium & bikes

Exactly 1 year ago i was in Gent, Belgium, where i took the pictures of these TN cards. The 1nd was taken in Gent and the 2nd in Brugges.  I trully loved this trip to Belgium, i didn't expect to discover such a beautiful country and i didn't expect to see so many bikes. Belgium is one of the top 10 countries with most bicycles per capita.

 Photo by Marta Cairrão
Belgium has some of the best networks for cycling in the world, offering paved, accessible, well-signed and maintained routes throughout the country. Yes, throughout the country! Cycling is one of the few true Belgian national values, though of course, even in this regard there are some regional differences to get to know.

Photo by Marta Cairrão
Immediately upon entering Belgium, cyclists are recognized and protected by well-defined bicycle lanes. On roundabouts, the cyclist has his own lane marked on the perimeter of the motor vehicle lanes, and dedicated cyclist traffic lights tell him when it is safe to cross exiting spur roads. The realization that, yes, a road engineer has specifically planned for your presence and thought about your safety as a cyclist, is reassuring. Even though larger vehicles are there, you feel that you are legitimately recognized and have your space on the road.
All cycling routes are signposted in both directions and are all identified by a name and number. On the Flemish side, the entire region is now covered by a network of routes navigated by junction number. It is a much more flexible system than route numbers. - in:

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gerda said...

I'm glad to read that you liked my country so much... I was wondering don't you have cycling lanes in your towns of cities?