Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cards from the Azores

My next holidays will be in October and this time i'll travel to the Azores. I don't have company for this travel my i decided to go anyway. I'll visit the Terceira Island. It will be my 1st time at this archipelago. I hope i can visit the other islands in the future.

 I must confess that S. Miguel Island  was my 1st option for this travel but for some reason i want to visit this island having someone's company. Travelling alone, i thought the Terceira would be a nice place to explore on my own. We'll see how i'll manage there.
Anyway, this is a card from São Miguel island, sent by Cristina, showing the Lagoa do Fogo - Fire Lagoon, which is a crater lake within the Agua de Pau stratovolcano in the center of the island of São Miguel Island in the Azores. The governmental authorities do not allow any modern construction around this lake. This lake is the highest above sea level on São Miguel Island. - in: wikipedia

Photo by © ART - Rosa Chaves
This place on the card, Algar do Carvão, was one of the places i wanted to visit on the Terceira island. I said "was one of the places" because i just realized the site is only open to the public from May to September :( Damn!!! This place is on the Unesco Tentative List... Damn again!!...
The Algar do Carvão is an ancient lava tube or volcanic vent located in the center of the island of Terceira in the Azores. It lies within the municipality of Angra do Heroísmo in the parish of Porto Judeu.
At Algar do Carvão, which is at an altitude of about 550 meters above sea level, it is possible to descend about one hundred metres into the earth where there is a pool of crystal-clear water. The cave itself is remarkable for the unique mineralogical characteristics of its silicate stalactites. The site, 40.5 hectares in extent, has been designated a “regional natural monument”. - in: wikipedia
The card was sent by Vitória.

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gerda said...

It looks a beautiufl place for a holiday...Have a great time!!
Wish I could go with you.:D:D