Saturday, September 8, 2012

Other castle cards by TN

Thanks to this touchnote thing i've got several castle cards. These were sent by Gracinha, Vitória and Ninocas and i still didn't have 3 of them.

 Noudar castle is located in Barrancos, Beja district, Alentejo region.
Noudar Castle is located next to the Spanish border in a very beautiful place between two rivers. There can be found not only vestiges of the Medieval period, but also numerous testimonies of Roman and Islamic period, as revealed by several archaeological campaigns. The wall, reinforced by towers and pillars, has an hexagonal plan. The church Nossa Senhora do Desterro is situated inside the wall. - in:

 Photo by Vitória Sequeira
Alter do Chão castle is also located in the Alentejo region but in Portalegre district.
Alter do Chão Castle was built in the 14th century under D. Pedro I reign in a period of military fortifications because of the Spanish threat that came from the East and not anymore as a defensive strategy against the Moors. In the 15th century this castle became property of Bragança House. By that time, it turned into a fortified manor house. The entrance is made through a towerlike door. The 44m high keep rises upon the village’s houses. - in:

 Photo by Ana Santos
Portel Castle is another castle in the Alentejo region and this one is located in the 3rd district of the region, Évora.
Portel Castle was erected in the 13th century by João de Aboim. Improvement works were carried out by architect Francisco Arruda, under D. Manuel I reign. In that period the following monuments were built: Paço dos Duques de Bragança; Church Igreja de S. Vicente in Manueline and mudéjar style, which is now in ruins; headquarters; stables and a cistern. The keep still strikes the visitor for its dimension. It has an arch door and Gothic marble windows. - in:

Photo by Ana Santos
Of these 4 castles, this is the only one i've already visited.
 Almourol castle is medieval castle, located on a small islet in the middle of the Tagus River,  4 kilometres (2.5 mi) from Vila Nova da Barquinha, Santarém district.
This castle was one of many structures constructed by the Knights Templar in the region.
The castle was a strategic location for the Knights Templar in the 12th century, as they battled to drive the Moors out of the Portugal.
The castle was damaged during the earthquake of 1755, which razed Lisbon to the ground. Following the extinction of the Order of the Knights Templar in 1312, ownership of Almourol Castle passed to the Order of Christ. During the New State period in Portugal in the early 19th century Almourol Castle began an official residence of the state. However in the latter part of the 19th century the castle was given to the Portuguese army. Even today the responsibility of Almourol Castle is down to the commander of the Engineering Practical School (Escola Prática de Engenharia de Tancos). Almourol Castle was designated a national monument in 1910.
However it is still possible to visit Almourol Castle today. Entry is free though the only access to the castle is by boat. - in:

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