Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Postcrossing moments

The touchnote application was a great way to immortalize some very special postcrossing moments on cards. All of these bring me very good memories :)

 Snow, winter coats and Christmas hats... yes, this was a Christmas meeting, the 1st portuguese Christmas meeting and it was in my city. Ninocas said it was one of the best portuguese meetings ever. I'm glad to hear this because it was a pleasure to receive them in my city.
The meeting was in december 2009.

 Winter coats again but in a different scenery, a few different postcrossers and a new year, a brand new year. This was 2011 New Year's meeting in Sintra and Cascais.

 A real postcrossers signs cards everywhere. That's me signing a few 2011 New Years meeting cards on a wall.

On April 2011 i went to an International Meeting in Köln, Germany. On the last day of the meeting some of us went to the Köln zoo, which also has an aquarium, where Paula took this picture of me trying to kiss a frog.

 Thanks to postcrossing i've met great people from all over the world and last year i've met Déa from Brazil. She's adorable! I went to Porto to meet her and we spent a lovely afternoon together. Miguel was also with us.  

 My 1st big trip of this year was to Poland in march. That's me, Paula and Vitória on a train from Warsaw to Krakow. This was a crazy 3 hours trip. The train was completely full and we had no seats. We had to stand on a very little space between a narrow corridor and the door to the next wagon. Not the best travel conditions but it was a funny trip and we often remember it.

 Before the International Meeting in Lisbon last June, Heidi and Kati came to my city and stayed with me for 1 night. Heidi sent me this card of me, Kati and my little cousin Carolina in my city's old walls.

 Speaking of Lisbon's International Meeting, here it is a card of the big group sent my Miguel.

And from a big meeting to a mini meeting. This picture was taken one week ago in Castelo de Vide by Vitória's husband.
Castelo de Vide is Vitória's hometown. She lives in Sintra area but she arrived in Castelo de Vide on that day to spend her holidays and we spent some time together.

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