Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ninocas' lighthouse cards

Ninocas is very fond of lighthouses and she sent me these cards with her own pictures. I live in a mountain region, lighthouses are not something i get to see very often.

 Photo by Ana Santos
Roca Cape lighthouse is located on the westernmost extent of continental Europe, the Roca Cape, in Sintra, west of the district of Lisbon.
The construction of the lighthouse was completed in 1772, and the structure rises 144 meters in height above the cape.

 Photo by Ana Santos
Guia lighthouse in Cascais is a 28 m (92 ft) tapered octagonal stone tower with lantern and gallery. This lighthouse is a beautiful and treasured example of mid 18th century architecture. Monks of the monastery of Nossa Senhora da Guia (Our Lady Guide) began displaying navigational lights on this site in 1537, and the present lighthouse was built after the great earthquake of 1755 largely destroyed the monastery. - in:

Photo by Ana Santos
Located on a cliff on Montedor hill, 8 km north of Viana do Castelo and 11 km south of the estuary of the River Minho, the Montedor lighthouse has commanding views. Its construction was often postponed, but it was eventually built in 1910 and is Portugal’s most northerly light house. The granite tower is 28 metres high and is at an altitude of 103 metres above sea level. - in:

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