Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bielefeld Meeting 2012

This year's Bielefeld Meeting was last October. This was the 3rd edition of this international meeting. I don't know exactly how many postcrossers were there but i can count around 40 signatures on both cards.

This one was sent by Grace "azzurri" and it shows several images of the city.

© Karten von Künstler René Menges
It's a bit difficult to have so many signatures on a normal size card, so Anja sent me this big Falshöft Lighthouse card. The lighthouse is located in Pommerby, northern Germany.
The red-and-white lighthouse of Falshöft entered service in 1910. Visible from 28 km away, this aid to navigation provided sailors with an orientation and warned them away from dangerous shallows for 92 years, along with the Kalkgrund lighthouse in the Flensburger Förde, which is still in operation today. Thanks to modern navigation technology, the lighthouse – now a protected monument – is no longer in use; it now contains a space for weddings and a museum. -

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Natacha Willems said...

The first card is really awesome! <3