Saturday, December 22, 2012

Religious Buildings from Belarus

Religious buildings is one of my favorites themes and these two cards show two nice exemples of buildings. The 1st, sent by Inna, shows the St. Sophia's Cathedral in Polatsk, and the 2nd, sent by Helen, the Chapel-Tomb of Paskevichs family in Homel.

© Photo by S. Plytkevich
 The Cathedral of Saint Sophia in Polotsk (1044–1066) was a symbol of the independent-mindedness of Polotsk, rivaling churches of the same name in Novgorod and Kiev. The name referred to the original Hagia Sophia in Constantinople and thus to claims of imperial prestige, authority and sovereignty. The cathedral had been ruined by the troops of Peter I of Russia. Hence the present baroque building by Johann Christoph Glaubitz dates from the mid-18th century. - in: wikipedia

© Photo by A. Kliashchuk
Ivan Paskevich (1782-1856) was a Ukrainian-born military leader.  He died in Warsaw and his remains were reburied by his son in the family Russian Revival mausoleum on the grounds of the Homel Palace.

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