Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Finnish official cards

Everybody used to complain about the big quantity of received official cards from Finland. Nowadays, in may case, i'm not getting finnish official cards that often. I've only received 5 in the last 2 months. I'm only posting 4 here today because they're all church related.

 © Photo Erkki Leppänen
FI-1559933, sent by Keijo.
The Finlayson Church is a church representing the Gothic Revival Architecture located in Tampere, Finland, in the Finlayson industrial area. It was built in 1879 as the church of the Finlayson cotton factory. The church was used as a place where the factory workers could practice religion. Currently the church belongs to the Evangelist-Lutheran congregations of Tampere, and it is used as a children's road church and a popular church for weddings. - in: wikipedia

 Photo by Petter Martiskainen

FI-1567313, sent by Tuija.
Lintula Holy Trinity Convent or Lintula Convent is the only monastery for women of the Church of Finland and is located in the Palokin village of the district of Heinävesi in the eastern part of Finland. The monastery was founded in 1895 on the isthmus of Karelia, in the parish of Kivennapa. In 1946, the Convent moved to Heinävesi.

 Photo by Valok. n ja Y Hulkkonen
FI-1582135, sent by Seija.
All these churches are located in Suomussalmi, eastern Finland, in the Kainuu region.
On the bigger image there's the Suomussalmi church, consagrated in 1950. The small image on the left corner is the Ämmänsaari church, consecrated 1967. On the right side there's the Vuokki church, consecrated 1954, the Ruhtinansalmi church, consagrated in 1968 and the Näljänkä, consagrated in 1981.

Photos by Esko Pärssinen
FI-1590479, sent by Maïja, a 76 year old grandmother.
Maija sent me this card with 6 churches in Turku.
Clockwise: Martin's Church was founded in 1921 andconsecrated on the 450th anniversary of the birth of Martin Luther, on November 12, 1933;
Kakskerta Church was built in 1765–1769, and dedicated in 1770. The seaside church is currently one of the three churches in the Turku Martin parish union. According to legend, the local fishermen got a surprise from the sea with a huge catch of delicious fish. They believed that the area was blessed, and the residents of the island decided to build their own church;
Turku Cathedral, considered to be the most important religious building in Finland;
Turku Orthodox Church is the main church of the Turku orthodox parish. The church was built in under plans drafted by architect Carl Ludvig Engel and was ordered by Nicholas I of Russia on 5 January 1838. Construction, which began in 1839 and was completed in 1845;
Michael's Church is named after Archangel Michael and was finished in 1905. It dominates the western skyline of the city of Turku was designed by Professor Lars Sonck and is one of the most popular wedding churches in Turku;
Hirvensalo Church.

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