Wednesday, December 5, 2012

German Palaces

These beautiful palaces cards are the result of a private trade with Marcel. 

© Herst. u. Verlag Schöning & Co. + Gebr. Schmidt
 The main attraction of Veitshöchheim certainly is its Palace and surrounding court garden, which is known as one of the most stunning Rococo parks in Europe. The palace was built between 1680 and 1682 as a summer residence for Würzburg’s Prince Bishops and enlarged in 1753 by Balthasar Neumann, the leading man of German Baroque and Rococo architecture. The large park around the palace is a magnificent creation filled with lakes and waterworks and populated by over 200 sandstone sculptures of gods, animals and allegorical figures. - in

Clemenswerth Palace (Schloss Clemenswerth) is a hunting complex built between  1737- 1749 in Sögel by  Johann Conrad Schlaun for Elector Clemens August of Bavaria.

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