Saturday, December 29, 2012

Polish castles

Castles are never enough. I already have many from Poland but i'm always trying to get new ones. This time i've the Rabsztyn castle, one of the Eagle Nest Castles and the ruins of the medieval castle in Dobczyce, a town in southern Poland.

 Photo by Krysztof Kaminski
Originally built by King Kazimierz to protect the money-making mining centre of nearby Olkusz, Rabsztyn actually consists of two separate castles – the original 14th century upper castle and the much-larger lower castle added at its foot in the 17th century in the Renaissance style. The Swedes saw to it that neither was inhabitable shortly thereafter during their 17th century invasion. Today there is almost nothing to see of the upper castle, in fact most won’t even be able to discern the remnants of its walls from the rock surrounding it. The upper castle’s main feature was a cylindrical tower which irreverent fortuneseekers dynamited in the late 1800s. The walls of the lower castle still stand giving some indication of the size of this former strong-(but not strong enough)-hold, and recently the castle gate, several bridges and one of the towers was restored. Today it houses a small historical museum. - in:

Photo by Wojciech Gorgolewski
The ruins of the Royal Castle in Dobczyce, situated some 30 km south of Kraków, overlook the beautiful Raba River valley. The castle - built on a steep cliff during the 14th century - became a prominent cultural centre for the region during the 15th century. It was heavily damaged during the wars in the 18th century and is presently under restoration. It's worth visiting not only to see the remains of Gothic defensive walls, the chapel and towers but also to admire the picturesque panoramic view of the valley. - in:

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