Sunday, December 30, 2012

Grudziadz - Poland

Grudziądz is a city of 96 042 inhabitants on the Vistula River in northern Poland.

Photo by Dariusz Krakowiak
This a lovely night view of the city's granaries.
The first brick granary was built in 1341 and until today together they form an unbroken line on the horizon. They served both to store grain and as a strategic line of defense. Since the 1900’s, some of them are also used as living quarters. Built on a cliff, the buildings are multi-storied on the riverside and 2 or 3 stories high on the city side. The interiors have a wood beam construction in excellent condition. Note the cannonballs embedded into the exterior walls. - in:

Photo by Dariusz Krakowiak
The City Walls - erected between the 14th-15th centuries, with 5 gates: The Water Gate, Toruń Gate, Side Gate, Łasin Gate, and the Castle Gate, which was connected to the castle buildings. Ten towers were built in the walls. Through the ages, the walls were systematically expanded and fortified. At the end of the 19th century they were partially dismantled due to the expansion of the city. The south-east corner was preserved, together with the lower part of the keep and the Water Tower which was supplied by the Trynka Canal (which presently runs underground). - in:

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