Sunday, December 30, 2012


One last polish card to finish today's updates.
This official shows the Krotoszyce Palace, now an hotel.

PL-595928, sent by Joanna.
Krotoszyce is a village in Legnica County, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, in south-western Poland.
Joanna says that Lower Silesia has the highest density of palaces and castles in Europe.
Pałac Krotoszyce is an estate from XVIIth century with farm buildings and historic park.
The palace in Krotoszyce was built in 1600, probably by Hans Heinrich Sebladus, and served primarily as a defensive castle. After Sebaldus’ death subsequent owners repaired and altered the building until 1686, when Florian Gottlob von Thielau gave it the shape of neo-baroque palace. A date in heraldic cartouche above the entrance is the evidence of it. Despite the reconstruction in the mid-nineteenth century and the renovation in 1964, the palace hasn’t lost its shape.
Until 1949 the building was under Soviet administration. When they left, it passed in the hands of the Państowe Gospodarstwo Rolne (State Agricultural Farm), and after its collapse it was taken over by the Agencja Własności (Agricultural Property Agency), that was looking for an investor who would save monument from disrepair. - in:
The palace is now a 3-star hotel.

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