Monday, December 3, 2012

Nardò - Italy

At the beginning of my PC forum activities, i used to tag a lot on the churches tag but for some reason i stopped tagging, not only on that specific tag but on others too, expect on the favorites and Unesco related. About a month ago i've tagged again on the churches tag and received this card from Italy.
Nardò is a baroque town in the heart of the Salent subpeninsula of the heel of Italy.

© Photo by Ronny Leva
The card shows the Church of St Trifone, built in the 18th century and characterised by a sober façade as simple as the inside and Giulia dell' Immacolata, a column devoted to the Virgin.  The column was in erected in 1769. The church and the column are located in the Salandra square.

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