Friday, December 14, 2012

Dutch official cards

Dutch official cards.

 NL-1481208, sent by Bertha.
Castle Verwolde in Laren is a paradise for anyone who loves nature and culture. The classical nobleman’s residence dating back to 1776 is located in gorgeous surroundings in a large private country estate. Accompanied by a guide, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape architecture, the art treasures in the castle, and then savor a high-tea in the tearoom afterwards.
ForFor 200 years, Castle Verwolde was inhabited by various generations of the same family. In 1977, the house and surrounding gardens were transferred to the ‘Vrienden der Geldersche Kasteelen’ foundation. This foundation restored both the house and the gardens (built in 1926 by the landscape architect Hugo Poortman) to their full former splendor.
Even before it was built in 1776, Castle Verwolde had had a turbulent history. There had already been a castle on this location as early as 1179, which was stormed and destroyed in the 16th century. Years later, Castle Verwolde was rebuilt to become the monument that it is today. - in:

 © Arnold Voordewind
NL-1495898, sent by Tom.
A sunset at Dwingelderveld National Park located in the Dutch province of Drenthe.  It is the largest wet heathland of Western-Europe.

 Opname Fotostudio Honing
NL-1537694, sent by Ellen.
This card has a curiosity. Ellen is Wilma's daughter, the lady who sent me the Delft card :D The card shows Naarden, a town in the Gooi region in the province of North Holland.
This small town is surrounded by large 17th-century fortifications, considered one of the best preserved in Europe. The typical star shaped form is a spectacular sight from the air and on a satellite picture. The town centre itself has kept its historic character.

 © Tjalf Sparnaay 1985
NL-1554311, sent by Gerrie.
Tulips for sale by Tjalf Sparnaay.

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