Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tarnów - Poland

I'm already preparing a new swap with Emerich and i still have cards from our last swap to post.
These Tarnów cards were both sent by Emerich the last two times we traded.
Tarnów is a city in southeastern Poland and the cards show the Town Hall. 

 Photo by: Dariusz Krakowiak
The Town Hall is perhaps the most recognisable feature of Tarnów. Located in the middle of the Renaissance market square it naturally becomes the centre of attention once you enter the square. It was built in Gothic and rebuilt in Renaissance at the end of the 16 th c.

Photo by: Dariusz Krakowiak
The building itself is 18 meters high but attached to it is a 30 meter tower which you can climb. The Town Hall contains a Renaissance portal inscribed with the Leliwa crest and a Latin inscription reading, "DOMINUS CUSTODIAT INTROITUM ET EXITUM TUUM," which reads ' may God guard your entrance and exit'. - in:

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