Thursday, September 27, 2007

Nassebar - Bulgaria

"Situated on a rocky peninsula on the Black Sea, the more than 3,000-year-old site of Nessebar was originally a Thracian settlement (Menebria). At the beginning of the 6th century B.C., the city became a Greek colony. The city's remains, which date mostly from the Hellenistic period, include the acropolis, a temple of Apollo, an agora and a wall from the Thracian fortifications. Among other monuments, the Stara Mitropolia Basilica and the fortress date from the Middle Ages, when this was one of the most important Byzantine towns on the west coast of the Black Sea. Wooden houses built in the 19th century are typical of the Black Sea architecture of the period." - in
It's an Unesco whs since 1983.
Card sent by Stefka.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Helsinki - Finland

South Harbour with Vicking Cruise Line, sent by Essi "Duffeli".

FI - 143942.
"Helsinki is the capital and largest city of Finland. It is in the southern part of Finland, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, by the Baltic Sea. The population of the city of Helsinki is 565,186, making it the most populous municipality in Finland by a wide margin.
Helsinki is Finland's administrative center and the center of Finnish cultural life and business activity. There is a large and varied collection of museums, galleries, and performance spaces in the city." -
in wikipedia

Monday, September 24, 2007

Aalborg - Denmark

This card was the only one i received today. It was sent by Natália "Npds02" and it shows the Jens Bang's Stonehouse in Aalborg.
"The finest example of renaissance domestic architecture in Northern Europe, built in 1624 by the wealthy merchant Jens Bang. For over 300 years, the building has been the home of Aalborg's oldest pharmacy, and in all that time the house has never been sold." - in

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Monte-Carlo - Monaco

I visited Monaco last January. It's a nice place and the color of the sea is absolutely beautiful.

The Prince's Palace.

"Monaco is a constitutional monarchy and city-state in Western Europe located along the French Riviera between the Mediterranean Sea and France. It is one of six microstates located in Europe.
Monaco is the world's most densely populated country and second-smallest independent nation." -
in wikipedia.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Den Bosch - Netherlands

Today i received a card from Den Bosch in Netherlands, a lottery card sent by "Astrid1978."

Den Bosch is te capital of the North-Brabant province, located in the south of the country, 80 km's from Amsterdam. It was the birthplace and home of Hieronymus Bosch one of the greatest dutch painters.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tipasa - Algeria

"On the shores of the Mediterranean, Tipasa was an ancient Punic trading-post conquered by Rome and turned into a strategic base for the conquest of the kingdoms of Mauritania. It comprises a unique group of Phoenician, Roman, palaeochristian and Byzantine ruins alongside indigenous monuments such as the Kbor er Roumia, the great royal mausoleum of Mauritania. " - in
The Roman Ruins of Tipasa are an Unesco whs since 1982.
This is another card that i bought in Lisbon during the Expo 98.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hong Kong

Wanchai, Causeway Bay and North Point. This view from the Peak includes most of the Eastern part of urban Hong Kong Island with the Cross Harbour Tunnel and the Causeway Bay typhoon shelter in the centre. Central Plaza is the tall building on the left. This card was sent by Ameko.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Sousse - Tunisia

Sousse is a city of Tunisia, located 140 km south of Tunis, the capital city and it has 220,000 inhabitants. The Medina of Sousse is an Unesco World Heritage Site.
I bought this card in Lisbon during the Expo 98 (in full, 1998 Lisbon World Exposition).

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Picklet Parrot - Jamaica

Pickled Parrot it's a Guest House located in Negril, where e can find the a seven miles long beach, the biggest/longest beach over there.
This is my only card from Jamaica and it was sent by dear Wendy "Wendzefx".

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Borgund Stave Church - Norway

"Borgund stave church is classified the best preserved of Norway's 28 extant stave churches. It was probably built in the end of the 12th century, and has not changed structure or had a major reconstruction since that date. A stave church is a medieval wooden church with a post and beam construction related to timber framing." - in wikipedia.
This beautiful lottery card was sent by Joey "coveralls".

Friday, September 7, 2007

Budapest - Hungary

I just have a few cards from Hungary, most of them from Budapest and from what i can see so far, Budapest is a beautiful city.
This 1st card sent by "keadamna" shows a Budapest panorama with Danube and Gellért-mountain.

"Budapest is the capital city of Hungary and the country's principal political, cultural, commercial, industrial and transportation centre. Budapest became a single city occupying both banks of the river Danube with the amalgamation on 17 November 1873 of right-bank (west) Buda and Óbuda together with Pest on the left (east) bank." - in wikipedia.

This is a Buda Castle card sent by Edina "Apoletta". "Buda Castle is the historical castle of the Hungarian kings in Budapest. In the past, it was also called Royal Palace and Royal Castle.
Buda Castle was built on the southern tip of Castle Hill, next to the old Castle District, which is famous about its medieval, Baroque and 19th century houses and public buildings. It is linked to Adam Clark Square and the Széchenyi Chain Bridge by the Castle Hill Funicular.
Buda Castle is part of the Budapest World Heritage Site, declared in 1987." -
in wikipedia.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Lonja de la Seda - Spain

Card sent by "maestla" from Spain.

La Lonja de la Seda de Valência - "Built between 1482 and 1533, this group of buildings was originally used for trading in silk (hence its name, the Silk Exchange) and it has always been a centre for commerce. 

It is a masterpiece of late Gothic architecture. The grandiose Sala de Contratación (Contract or Trading Hall), in particular, illustrates the power and wealth of a major Mediterranean mercantile city in the 15th and 16th centuries." - in

Monday, September 3, 2007

Salzburg - Austria

There's nothing better than receive nice cards at the beginning of the week. Today I received this card from Austria.

Salzburg. 1. The Leopoldskron-Palace; 2. The "Wedding-Church" in Mondsee; 3. The Gazebo in Bellbrunn; 4. The authentic Trapp-House in the Suburb of Aigen; 5. The Mirabell-garden of Salzburg; 6. The Convent of Nonnberg; 7. The "Fronburg"-Residence (home of Trapp-Family in movie). Card sent by Manuela "Vanilla_angel". 

Sunday, September 2, 2007

PT RR - Churches

4th RR in portuguese. This time the theme was "churches".

Saint Benedito Church in Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro - Brasil. Sent by Jucielly "Jucy".

Holy Virgin Church in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo - Brasil. Sent by Luciana "Lucca.".

Piedade Chapel in Redondo - Portugal. Sent by Joana "Joaninha".

A church in Pombal - Portugal sent by Zé "Zepombal".

Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon. Sent by Luís "Ludovico".

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Trakai Castle - Lithuania

"Trakai Castle is located in Trakai, on an island in Lake Galvė. The castle is sometimes referred to as "Little Marienburg". The construction of the stone castle was begun in the 14th century and around 1409 major works were completed."
Card sent by Vilma "S_vlm".