Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Rock of Monaco

More cards from Monaco and i still have more to show.

"The Rock of Monaco is a 141 meter (459 foot) tall monolith on the Mediterranean coast of the Principality of Monaco.
The Rock of Monaco was also the first conquest of the Grimaldi dynasty, the rulers of the country for more than 700 years, founded when the Guelf François Grimaldi disguised himself as a Franciscan monk in order to gain entry to the city and open the gates for his soldiers.

Today, the Rock is in the oldest of Monaco's four quarters, Monaco-Ville, which is also the location of Old Town, the oldest part of the city. This is not far from the Prince's Palace, home of the current monarch, Albert II and the princely family, the Cathedral, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. The Rock of Monaco is a popular tourist attraction to go see the palace or the changing of the guards." - in: wikipedia

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