Thursday, September 22, 2022


I've said that I have some postcards from Gibraltar and here are two more. The first was sent by Joaninha who was there in 2012 and the other, is a little older, I got it  in 2007 after a swap with Ana from Spain.
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Despite the proximity to Spain, Gibraltar is a British territory and even the phone booths remind us of fact.  
Gibraltar is only 6.7 km² in size, but it has a lot of history to tell, and as we have already seen, it has been hotly contested over the centuries. The reason for so much interest in this small piece of land is mainly its strategic location: in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, connected to Spain and just 14 km away from Africa. 
One of the most visited places in Gibraltar is Europa Point, a viewpoint where you can see where Spain ends and Africa begins. The images captured from the viewpoint are impressive due to the view of the open sea with the 2 coastal areas: one Spanish and the other African.
A 426-meter high rock covers much of the territory and offers a very privileged view in all directions. The rock is a promontory of monolithic rocks that formed about 200 million years ago, when two tectonic plates collided. Most of the rock is an area covered by a nature reserve, where about 250 Barbary monkeys live. 

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