Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Lower German Limes - Germany

These last days I've received more cards from new UNESCO sites than in the last 3 months. 
The Limes are quite an headache, is not easy to get cards of this old roman border. I was lucky to tag Marcel who sent me this card with a matching stamp.
The Lower Germanic Limes was an important border section of the Roman Empire. It followed the ancient course of the Rhine and extended for about 400 kilometres between Katwijk (NL) on the North Sea to Bad Breisig in Rhineland-Palatinate. 
The archaeological sites of the Lower Germanic Limes illustrate in a special way the development of a border of the Roman Empire as well as the life and cultural exchange in its surroundings. Because of their outstanding universal value, UNESCO has recognized a representative selection of 44 archaeological sites on the Lower Germanic Limes as a World Heritage Site in July 2021. A total of 24 of these sites are located on German territory, distributed among 19 municipalities in North Rhine-Westphalia and one in Rhineland-Palatinate. - in:
The remains of a Roman castellum, settlement and cemetery were discovered on Reckberg hill in Neuss. The castellum and settlement were most likely built in the 1rst century.
Today, the remains of the three parts of the archaeological site are preserved beneath the ground. The tower of the castellum was reconstructed in 1991.

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